Knot Four Sail

by Lance Eads

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I had some recordings lying around, so...


released December 26, 2014

All songs written, performed, & recorded by Lance Eads



all rights reserved


Lance Eads Portland, Oregon

I'm a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, poet, visual artist, and performance artist. Originally from Seattle, I now live in Portland, Oregon. I also write and record with my wife under the name Dandelion Root.

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Track Name: On the 200th Anniversary of the Spirit of '76
On the 200th Anniversary of the Spirit of ’76
A light blinked out in Seattle
& a reading light clicked on in a heavenly mansion
For to better read the funny papers of my life

Listen up (or down) you Michaelangelic
Invisible fresco on the ceiling of my psyche
Listen to this if your spirit ears can hear

The schools are filled w/mud
Stinking putrid vile mud & decaying filth
I nearly drowned in it & so I sped away
From there in a car named Hedonia.

Past road closed signs & barricades & down blind
Alleys I drove until I came to where the
Building were all condemned w/ the
People still in them.

& I smashed in the doors & I broke all the windows
& I stood in the street & I threw my face to the sky
& I shouted until my throat was on fire
& my every word was a comet hurtling from my mouth
Like the fireworks of freedom on the year of your death
Just as if an angel had touched my lips w/ a burning coal.
(Was that you my St. Francis of 136th St.?)
I shouted my flaming words about how every being
Is always becoming & about how if you look
Into the eyes of a newborn baby you can
See the Garden of Eden

Then 1 of my flares of gnosis came down & landed on
My head. & w/ my head ablaze I drove back
To the University, hoping I could burn away
The mud & save the students.

But when I got there the mud had grown
Thicker—the stench had grown fowler—the crux was when
Hedonia my car turned into a woman—She
Jumped up on my head & tried to still my fire
But it incinerated her & she rose us as a
Wisp of smoke (have you seen her up
There walking the shining streets, sentry of my youth?)

With her my flame went out.
The mud was closing in & I nearly
Succumbed to it.
But the image of a Goddess/An angel wrapped in divine flesh/Whose glory outshines
Jehovah (If I blaspheme so be it) drew near
& I sizzled & crackled once more now
W/ a word comet that would light this
Page on fire & burn it to ashes in a second
Were I to write it down. I hurtled my radiant
Verbiage against the impending murk (the shot heard ‘round the study hall) &
Me & my skin angel beat it out of there
The fire & the mud they’re still battling
& they may be for all posterity
The war for independence of the mind
In every hall of learning & internet café

As for angels—I believe in my lusty
Madonna. I don’t know if I believe
In you my 1x guardian grandfather angel
But I’m glad I knew you—I’m glad you
Were there for me when you were.
W/ liberty & justice for all Amen

& it’s true that everything is a lie
Even if I possess memories
I don’t remember the 4th of July you mention
& the schools are not filled w/ mud
They’re filled w/ straw
You bring your own mud
Make bricks
Your car was named Trepidation
& it turned into a monkey
Nobody was home
& you were sucking a Winter Green Lifesaver
I get your point about skin angel
But if you apply your Eckhart
(Whom I’ve probably never heard of)
You’d conclude that all adjectives are blasphemy
And that none are
It’s true that there are lies that are true
But it’s a lie that there are truths that are lies
You’re welcome
Track Name: Love Like Rain
Verse 1:
Deep in the woods I found a spring.
I said, “My, aren’t you a little thing!”
The spring said, “I’m larger than you know,
And I can go where the waters go.”

I said, “Spring how can this be?
You seem so small to me.”
The spring said, “What you see is
Not me. I’m more than this

Refrain 1:
I flow with the river.
I am deep as the ocean.
I dance with the mist
And I love like rain.” (2x’s)

Verse 2:
I said, “Spring, I never thought of this.”
The spring said, “There’s more you’ve missed.
I am inside you, too,
And you can do the things I do.

Refrain 2:
You can flow with the river
You are deep as the ocean
You can dance with the mist
And you can love like rain. (2x’s)

Harmonica Break

So I will flow with the river
I am deep as the ocean
I will dance with the mist
And I will love like rain (2x’s)