by Lance Eads

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Lancelele is a collection of songs culled from various albums of mine and performed with just ukulele and voice. It is not necessarily my "greatest hits," so much as it is the top 12 songs that I felt transferred best to ukulele.

Many of the songs are much shorter in these versions than they were on the original recordings because I've cut down on the soloing and "fancy stuff." I wanted to strip the songs down to their bare essences. Although I love the original recordings, I feel that this helps the listener to focus on the heart and core of each song.

I hope you enjoy listening to Lancelele as much as I have enjoyed recording it. A lot. I enjoyed it a lot.


released November 18, 2016

All songs written, performed, mixed, & engineered by Lance Eads. Special thanks to the entire universe for making this album possible.



all rights reserved


Lance Eads Portland, Oregon

I'm a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, poet, visual artist, and performance artist. Originally from Seattle, I now live in Portland, Oregon. I also write and record with my wife under the name Dandelion Root.

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Track Name: 1 w/ Everything
I walked along
Feeling rather bland, man;
And then I saw
A little hot dog stand and
So I did stop by
And said to the guy,
“Sir, if you can,

“Will you make me
1 with everything?
Give me the works
With a side of onion rings.
If I must embellish,
Please don’t spare the relish--

As he reached in
To his cart and started
To hand to me
A hot dog wrapped, I parted
My lips to say to him
That it seemed rather slim,
This dog and this bread.

He told me that
If I would look inside
That I would be
Pleasantly surprised;
That I already have
The thing for which I’ve asked--
Oneness inside!
Track Name: Ballad of Little Jungle Turtle
Jungle Turtle was born on 7/7/7
Turtle Ma said, "He's a gift from heaven."
She didn't know yet Turtle Pa was gone
He took the last Grey Hound to Saskatchewan

Don't carry it around, Little Jungle Turtle
You were made to fly
Call of the wild sounds, Little Jungle Turtle
You know you gotta try

Jungle Turtle grew up on the mean side
He grew a hard shell but he was soft inside
Carrying the weight of the world on his back
1 of these days his shell was gonna crack


1 day on the streets in the city
Jungle Turtle made a new friend
She was beautiful, she was so pretty
He promised he'd be with her 'till the end


Jungle Turtle came home to find his wife
& their little boy at the point of a knife
With his shell as a weapon he took the villain on
He saved his family, but his own life was gone

Track Name: Love Like Rain
Verse 1:
Deep in the woods I found a spring.
I said, “My, aren’t you a little thing!”
The spring said, “I’m larger than you know,
And I can go where the waters go.”

I said, “Spring how can this be?
You seem so small to me.”
The spring said, “What you see is
Not me. I’m more than this

Refrain 1:
I flow with the river.
I am deep as the ocean.
I dance with the mist
And I love like rain.” (2x’s)

Verse 2:
I said, “Spring, I never thought of this.”
The spring said, “There’s more you’ve missed.
I am inside you, too,
And you can do the things I do.

Refrain 2:
You can flow with the river
You are deep as the ocean
You can dance with the mist
And you can love like rain. (2x’s)

Harmonica Break

So I will flow with the river
I am deep as the ocean
I will dance with the mist
And I will love like rain (2x’s)
Track Name: Runaway Go Carts
Runaway go-carts, careening down the hill--
Y’know we’re gonna crash’em, yeah I’m certain we will.
Runaway go-carts, straight into the mist;
What we’re gonna find there is anybody’s guess.

Runaway go-carts sending up sparks.
Tryin’ to illumine the infinite dark;
Runaway go-carts, you can grip the wheel
Tighter with your fingers, but you’re gonna crash still.

So what do we do now with the time we have?
Live with all your might now, and in danger’s face laugh.
Love those around you while you still can.
The flames burn hotter when they feel the wind.

Runaway go-carts, someday we’re gonna crash
Headlong into nowhere in a sudden flash.
‘Till then throw your hands up and shout to the sky.
Maybe I’ll see you on the other side.
Maybe I’ll see you on the other side.

You’re not the driver, you’re not the car;
You made everything near and far.
You’re not the hill and you’re not the mist;
There is no future and there is no past.
You are the now and you are the here;
The universe, it is your mirror.
The universe, it is your mirror.
The universe, it is your mirror.
The universe, it is your mirror.
The universe, it is your mirror.
Track Name: The Ballad of Narluga
Verse 1:
Once upon a time in Alaska’s woods
In a future not so far
A boy set off to do some good
And he didn’t go by car

Verse 2:
He didn’t go by boat or train
To get to a distant place
He didn’t go by bus or plane
He traveled time and space

This is the story of the son of a chief
Narluga is his name
You can doubt it or you can believe
It will be true just the same
This is the story of the son of a tribe
Narluga he is called
He found the wisdom we need to survive
The unity of all

Verse 3:
He’d heard of a bridge a midst the trees
A parallel dimension
The condition of humanity
Required its attention

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4:
He found the fabled time bridge there
He also found Sasquatch
They’d traveled the bridge and couldn’t bear
Our planet’s plight to watch

Repeat Chorus

Narluga was brave and Narluga was scared
Narluga knew what is right
Sasquatch saw and Sasquatch cared
They sought to end our sad plight

Verse 5:
Then the Sasquatch shared their knowledge
Their science of love and peace
The observable truth that all of this
Is one reality

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: It's Alright to Cry
You say you’re sick and tired of a world you didn’t ask for
And you wonder what everyone thinks they have to wear a mask for
Well they’re hurting too that much is true
I know at least a little bit of what you're going thru
It may not show all the time but I was young once too
Sometimes things get better sometimes they don’t
I believe they will for you but meantime

It’s alright to cry child it’s alright to ball your eyes out
It’s alright to go wild and to scream and shout
Don’t let the pressure build
Until you’re lost your will
It’s alright to cry child it’s alright to be sad

It’s alright to cry child it’s alright to ball your eyes out
It’s alright to go wild and to scream and shout
I pray that once in a while
You find a reason to smile
But it’s alright to cry child it’s alright to be sad
Track Name: The Puppeteer's Dream
The puppeteer with, care most dear,
Fashioned figures for the great, big show.
He put his heart in every part.
Oh how he loved his little puppets so!

The curtain raised, the stage lights blazed,
The puppeteer, he lost himself inside
The characters, their hopes and fears.
With each one he lived and also died.

The puppeteer and the puppets, dear,
Are really just two sides of one coin.
The creation and the creator one,
And still the great big show just keeps on goin’.
Track Name: It Follows
Day follows night, night follows day
I followed you but your ran away
Now you're standing behind me asking me to stay
Day follows night, night follows day

When I first met you I was young
Never heard of Eckhart of of Jung
Now I'm multi-tiered and I've grown a beard
When I first met you I was young

When I first met you you were shy
You had your Great Dane by your side
Now you seem to have no qualms about shouting in the halls
When I first met you you were shy

How can you steal, how can you rob?
Why can't I keep a lousy job?
You take what you need & I give when you plead
How can you steal, how can you rob?

Gonna break this cycle before it breaks me
Gonna climb a mountain to see the trees
There's a break in the line or there's a break in my mind
Gonna break this cycle before it breaks me
Track Name: Y
You strike your tree pose with your hands to the sky.
With a pursed, puzzled puss you’re a capital Y:
Why are we here & why aren’t we not?
Who are we really & what have we got?
Why must we go on & where are we going?
Do these questions have answers, is there some way of knowing?

Like a sapling in the breeze
In a forest filled with trees,
The wind carries your pleas
Wherever it does please.

The trees strike their poses with branches upright
Looking more than a little like giant dendrites,
Trying to bridge a synaptic gap
That’s an infinite chasm and there isn’t a map.
So, the energy dissipates into the void,
Leaving the leafy things more than annoyed.

Like a sapling in the breeze
In a forest filled with trees,
The wind carries your pleas
Wherever it does please.

But maybe these answers that cannot be found,
Provide us with freedom that doesn’t have bounds.
In the absence of certainty we make our own way;
We learn to be who we are day after day.
So, that capital Y that is wearing your shoes
Isn’t a question, it just stands for you!

Like a seedling in the wind,
Your journey can begin.
The question's answer, then,
Is simply "you," my friend.
Track Name: A Bird Flew in My Open Window
A bird flew in my open window
‘Twas a robin, red of breast
He cocked his head, looked at me sideways
As he lighted on my desk

I felt that he’d come with a message
I could not guess what it might be
But then he turned back toward the window
And he took his leave of me

As he dissolved into the foliage
Of the early spring treetops
I heard him sing his parting postlude
And my heart did nearly stop

Rolling crests and plunging valleys
His melody was like the tide
Majestic as a mighty ocean
Cozy as a fireside

You are flying in the azure
You are singing with the clouds
All you have to do is notice
So raise your face and sing out loud

The fear of dying makes you notice
The joy of living everyday
Pain and trouble is a rainstorm
Your heart's a flower, come what May

The beauty that you see around you
Is the beauty that’s within
Thoughts and fences cannot bound you
Like the robin you can sing
Track Name: You There!
Who is that, hiding out behind each rock?
Who is that, watching my every thought?
But when I try to find, I get into a double bind.
Seems the one who looks, can never be the one looked at.
I am that, I am that, I am that, I am that.

Who are you, hiding out behind each thought?
Who are you? Eternity is all you’ve got.
But when you try to find, you get into a double bind.
What’s looking out through you is looking out through me, too.
You are that, you are that, you are that, you are that.
We are that, we are that, we are that, we are that.
Track Name: Once More Around the Sun
In the morning when I rise
And the sunshine fills my view,
With the dawn I realize,
As the sunrise turns to blue,
I’ve gone once more around the sun with you.

Now’s the noontime of life’s day
And the sun is at its peak.
Shadows beneath our soles
Play their game of hide and seek
As once more around the sun my whole world goes.

Once more around the sun;
Yes, your love makes my world spin!
Once more around the sun,
Then I laugh and yell, “Again!”
Once more around the sun;
I wish this ride would never end!
I am having so much fun,
My love and my best friend!

In the evening when the sky
Is a deeper shade of blue,
I will smile and you’ll know why:
It’s ‘cause there’s nothing left to do,
But to go once more around the sun with you.