Thru a Dirty Downtown Window

by Lance Eads

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This is my urban counterpart album to the rural "Cascadetopia."


released August 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Lance Eads Portland, Oregon

I'm a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, poet, visual artist, and performance artist. Originally from Seattle, I now live in Portland, Oregon. I also write and record with my wife under the name Dandelion Root.

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Track Name: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Once there was an artist, a painter of pictures and a sculptor of statues. He painted what he saw and sculpted what he felt. But he was a stranger to the world in which he lived. His colors were dissonant with the walls of their living rooms. His chisel marks were too severe; they drew the attention away from the people’s mundane conversations. And so his exhibitions were ghost towns and soon the galleries shut their doors on him. Could he paint what they wanted to see? Could he sculpt for the masses? Maybe, but he couldn’t bring himself to try, because that was not his vision. That was not his path. And so he continued on his way, painting pictures no one wanted; sculpting statues no one would acknowledge. And he continues to this day. And maybe, one day, people will be open to seeing the world through his eyes; or maybe not. But still he continues, because he must.
Track Name: Failure of Imagination
The company owns the product, children
The company owns your soul
The company is the perfect villain
When you feel you’re in a hole

Don’t blame the company, you’ve dug your own pit
You’re piling dirt on top
There’s nothing funny ‘bout playing the victim, it
Is time you start to start to stop

Imagination creates this whole world
Imagination calcified
It’s responsible for all our failures
Leave no ideas untried

It’s a failure of imagination
That’s right, that's right, that’s where we’re at
It’s the reason for your rank and station
What do think of that?

The government owns the life you’re living
Your life and your spirit
The piper’s calling, something new he’s giving
The tune he plays, can you hear it?

It’s a failure of imagination
That’s right, that's right, that’s where we’re at
Let work together, a new way of living
What do you think of that?

It begins within the revolution
And like ripples from a stone
It spreads outward and that’s the solution
We’ll work together, not alone

Combat this failure of imagination
Where you’re at’s not what you are
Combat this failure of imagination
Skyrocket like a shooting star
Track Name: How Come?
Track Name: Callin' "I"s (Phase Mix)
The downtown streets are alive
Like a colony or a hive
Of confused insects
Following their instincts
They don’t know why
But they try
Through the traffic signals
And social signals
To remember
What they might have known
Their minds are blown
So they just keep goin’
Are they all alone
In their mental zones
Or is their some common ground
Amidst the sound?
The cacophony
Is only phony
It’s an aural screen
To block the screams
Within our minds
Saying “We’re entwined!”
The billboards too
Shout at you
Say “Me Me Me!”
But in reality
Who are you?
Who am I?
Deeper down
Beneath scowls and frowns
Beneath miles & miles
Of plastic smiles
We know the truth
That I am you
And you are I
And that is why
I call me I
You call you I
We’re the same I
Looking out through different eyes
And I has always been
From now and back to then
And up until the end
When it all begins again
And our task is to love each I
That hides behind these eyes
To love through the disguise
That’s the truth this city hides
The downtown streets are alive
We are all one deep inside