Where the Branches Meet

by Lance Eads

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Heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in thin places the distance is even shorter.


released July 29, 2017

Lance Eads: guitars, vocals, harmonicas
Caleb Eads: flute
Isaac Eads: bongos

All songs written by Lance Eads, except Interdimensional Freight-Train by Lance Eads and Elizabeth Cotten. All songs mixed and produced by Lance Eads.



all rights reserved


Lance Eads Portland, Oregon

I'm a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, poet, visual artist, and performance artist. Originally from Seattle, I now live in Portland, Oregon. I also write and record with my wife under the name Dandelion Root.

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Track Name: Faerie Ring
Ancient mushroom people dance
With the grace of happenstance
Ancient, youthful, wing-ed, free
To roam the mossy, midnight sea

For the air is so very damp
And the moon is their only lamp
But they don’t care
They toss their hair
And sing like happy tramps

See the sky is growing red
Mushroom children back to bed
Giggling like a laughing brook
No one sees them, no one looks

Now the air is so very crisp
And the fairies are shrouded in mist
And so they sleep
So very deep
Until the next call of the will-o-wisp
Track Name: The Suburban Existentialist
The suburban existentialist
Wonders what in the world is meant by this
Everybody walled off in their
2 ½ bath interiors
"Can they hear the birds are singing
Above the sound of their cell phones ringing?"
The suburban existentialist asks

The suburban existentialist
Leaves on a trip for Southern Where-Is-This
He leaves behind his neighbor’s stereo
At least nowhere is somewhere he can go
And hear the sound of the birds singing
Collect the seashells that the tide is bringing in
That’s the suburban existentialist’s task
That's all the suburban existentialist asks
Track Name: Blue Country Blues
Got those blue, blue country blues
Got those blue, blue country blues
Got’em way down deep in my blue country shoes

Verse 1:
Blue is orange and up is down
Blue is orange and up is down
The great big color wheel keeps spinnin’ round


Verse 2:
The sun shines through and I’m alright
The sun shines through and I’m alright
Mother earth grows flowers just to keep herself alive


Verse 3:
Woah-woah, hey-hey-hey!
Woah-woah, hey-hey-hey!
Watch my country blues fade away
Fade away
Fade away
Fade away
Fade away
Track Name: Junebug Jubilee
Verse 1:
I got a letter in the mail
Delivered by the postal snail
Come as you are to the forest glen
Don’t bring nothin' but a friend
Plenty of food to go around
And the music, what a sound!

RSV and P
To the Junebug Jubilee
In the shade of the walnut grove
I don’t know why we all don’t go
You and I should go and see
The Junebugs’ spring festivities
Throw your blanket on the ground
Insect friends are all around

Verse 2:
Caterpillars, butterflies
All those friendly gals and guys
Grasshoppers and bumblebees
Pass the honey if you please
The greatest party of the season
Don’t need a rhyme, can’t find a reason
There’s no reason not to be
At the Junebug Jubilee

Track Name: Ooh-ooh, Uh-huh
I stood at the edge of my mind
Looking down into its depths
I remembered all the things
That part of me never forgets
And as the storm clouds gathered
The lightning lit them up
I leaned into the wind
I couldn’t get enough
Ooh-ooh, uh-huh

The rain that fell that day
Was a deluge for sure
But once the darkness went away
Everything was pure
The freshness of
A clean and shining soul
A lush and verdant valley
I was wholly whole
Ooh-ooh, uh-huh
Ooh-ooh, uh-huh
Track Name: Interdimensional Train-Wreck
Interdimensional Sasquatch from outerspace
Traveled the time bridge to save the human race
And he says, "I can't save you, you've gotta save yourself
I'm not the messiah but I'm here to help."

So we sing this Sasquatch song
From Japan to Saskatchewan,
From England’s shores to the River Nile
Sasquatch you’ve returned our smile

Now if you’re looking for peace and love
Don’t look out there, don’t look above
Sasquatch lives inside of your heart and mine
And you know he’s been there the whole time
Track Name: Jack the Woodchuck
Once there was a woodchuck
Playing in the park
His voice it had a giggle
His eyes they had a spark
La-de-da, La-de-dey
La-de-dee, La-de-dum, La-de-doo

He says, “I listen
To the stories of the river
I pull my fur coat tighter
When I start to shiver.”
La-de-da, La-de-dey
La-de-dee, La-de-dum, La-de-doo

Now I and my woodchuck
Ride an orange go-kart
We take turns driving
With this song in our hearts:
La-de-da, La-de-dey
La-de-dee, La-de-dum, La-de-doo

And sometimes we bask
In the silence of the meadow
Or sit and cry with joy
Watching the hedgerow
La-de-da, La-de-dey
La-de-dee, La-de-dum, La-de-doo
La-de-da, La-de-dey
La-de-dee, La-de-dum, La-de-doo
La-de-da, La-de-dey
La-de-dee, La-de-dum, La-de-doo